How Long Does My Carpet Stay Wet After Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning takes up a lot of water to clean the carpet. So, it takes about 8 to 24 hours to dry completely in the traditional method. But based upon the cleaning technique, the drying time differs. For example, if you use less steam to clean the carpet, it will soak less water. Therefore, it will take less time to dry as well.

Different aspects of carpet steam cleaning and its drying time:

  • Most carpet cleaning service providers use the carpet pre-treating method. In this method, carpet cleaners use other washing methods, such as dry cleaning to remove the loose dust. After that, they use steam carpet cleaning with less water. As a result, it reduces the drying time to one third.
  • Modern carpet cleaning techniques introduced chemicals, which act like water but do not retain moisture. These highly sensitive water derivatives reduce the carpet steam drying time to almost half.
  • Apart from using chemicals, you can also try using a vacuum cleaner to dry your carpets. In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a blow dryer as well. After steaming your carpet, take a clean dry cloth, and soak the excess water as much as possible. Then start vacuuming your carpet. However, if you have a delicate carpet, it is better to call your local carpet cleaners. Carpet fibres are very much heat sensitive. So, if not used properly, you can end up ruining your carpet. But, a professional carpet cleaner knows how to steam carpets.

How can professionals easily do this for you?

For effective carpet drying, contact your local carpet cleaner. They have all the necessary tools and instruments for effective carpet drying. In the expert hands, it will take about 4 to 6 hours to dry your carpet in a ready to use condition.

However, most carpet cleaners recommend waiting for at least 2 hours before use. And it will be more effective if you put on your fan and AC off. So, if you are in a hurry, follow these tips to lessen up your carpet drying time.

Your Local Carpet Cleaners In Cronulla

Carpet Cleaning Cronulla is a local carpet cleaning company to fulfil your needs for carpet cleaning and drying at the same time. Cleaning the carpets is not an easy chore. It needs effort, time, and most importantly a productive technique for effective cleaning. We are always ready to invest our effort and time for better cleaning and drying of your carpet. Our experts can help you with such conditions when you require your steam cleaned carpets to dry within a few hours.